Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

no second thoughts, you've decided, decided...

I've passed the point of no return, in regards to the house, anyways. For those keeping score (read: no one), late last week (in light of the inspection) we asked for about 3250 dollars to cover miscellaneous repairs and such. On Saturday, they sent our offer back, saying that they would pay 2250 dollars. That's fine, and better than I expected. So today I went over to the realtor's office to initial those changes and thus make the final agreement official. Rebecca (Jason's assistant) told me to initial in one place to approve the $2250, and to initial in another place to wave the rest of the option period. The option period was that little clause that said I had 10 days to bail out for any reason, and it was due to end on Wednesday. So after a few seconds of dramatic pausing, I initialed away, and crossed the threshold.

Up next:
THE AMAZING APPRAISAL! This is all in the mortgage company's hand.
THE ASTOUNDING HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE POLICY! The mortgage company forwards the appraisal to the insurance agent (Tracy), and she gives me a quote, and I say okay, cuz I really don't have many options. However, the preliminary quote was very reasonable, and included mold/water coverage.
THE BONE-CHILLING CONCLUSION/CLOSING!! This is where everyone involved gets together and signs a bunch of forms. We're talking me (the buyer), Jason (my realtor), Robert (the seller's realtor), George (the seller), Dorothy (the mortgage broker), the title company, and probably supporting actors like John (Dorothy's assistant and Jason's "friend"), and Rebecca (Jason's assistant).
THE DENOUEMENT!! Finally, I take possession of the house. The question is, do I move in immediately, or take my time and decorate? I'd at least like to paint the interior walls, but we could go really crazy with the exterior, carpeting, and so forth.
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