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Roy Janik

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that instrument is worth a HELL of a lot of money [Jun. 13th, 2002|03:52 am]
Roy Janik
So here's me with Dr. Gearoid O hAllmhurain, Ph.D.. It turns out he's one of the world's best concertina players, and an expert on Celtic heritage. At the time, to me, he was just a guy with a concertina. I had a great little conversation with him, and he proudly showed of his 40 key Anglo Jeffries, which was made in about 1896. For Irish music, you CAN'T find a better concertina. Really. This is from almost a year ago, I think. That day was a blast for several reasons. I was trying in vain to court Mary, and I was also violently ill. I hid it from her, despite throwing up in the restroom at one point. Anyhow, here's the pic.


[User Picture]From: ratkrycek
2002-07-09 06:22 pm (UTC)
Whenever I see/hear "concertina" I can't help but think of McTeague and his six lugubrious airs ... ;)

(Thanks, Geoffrey Clark!)

Um, sorry. Ex-creative writing major. Now I'm a free agent... or something.


You seem like an interesting fellow... what's your radio show like? (I was a dj in college at the radio station, too...)
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