Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

no radio show! *whistle*

I'm getting Captain Quality to sub for me tonight, so that I can complete my move-out of Human Dwelling 43. Maybe I can pull together enough cow music to make next week a memorable one. I should also contact the Brodingnabihookie Bards and see if they want to come on the show.

I've been really happy with show lately. I've been doing my best to play a wide variety of music, and both Chi-chi and Nicole are great co-hosts. I just wish there was enough room for us to all sit down. And the calls have picked up. So if I can get some live performances in the mix, that'll even be better.

Also, John Erhler wants me to come on the Elk Mating Ritual and talk about the Devil Went Down to Georgia compilation I made. Should be fun.
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