Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


Well, Dandelo is dead...

I've missed hiim a lot, and I was really looking forward to taking him back to Austin with me after Chris and Tamara's wedding. I've been telling my friends about him, in anticipation of his arrival. I love Clancy and Joey the Lemur to tears, but all the great stories I tell come from Dandelo. How he would obsessively lick the blinds, until the thwump thwump of the blinds hitting the window sill wall would drive you insane. How he used to lick my elbows in the middle of the night, and if he couldn't reach them, he would chew on my hair. How he used to climb up the hanging clothes in the closet, until he came to rest on the books I had up on the shelf there. Then, through the course of the night, he would push one or two books off onto my sleeping head... just enough to annoy me but not wake me up. And then he'd do the same thing an hour later. How he used to jump onto the small of your back, and then claw his way up to your shoulders. How he spazzed out once and rended the face of an evil bitch we knew. How he and Mungo used to chase each other up and down the hall until they barreled head-long into Scott's closed door. How he'd make these insane hunting noises when he was stalking a bug. How he was so obsessed with catnip that we once threw a bag away so that he couldn't get to it. And then in the morning we found the bottom of the garbage bag had been chewed through, and there was catnip strewn all about the kitchen. Dandelo himself was lying on his back with the bag of catnip completely inside his mouth.

Ah, well, now he's just millions of cat atoms floating in space. Dandelo, I salute you!
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