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Roy Janik

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What is Tapioca, exactly? [Aug. 12th, 2002|04:06 pm]
Roy Janik
So as the ultimate manifestation of our sense of self-importance, we recorded a commentary track last night to go along with episodes, 5,3,2 & 1 of the Bastard Squad. Since we have no current plans for a DVD release, this may seem rather silly, but we had fun. Taking a cue from the "Cannibal: the Musical" commentary, we started drinking at the beginning, so that we would get progressively sillier as the time wore on. Despite my taking forever to get the sound right, I think it came out pretty good. Cha-chee, James, Colleen, Dave (Montoya), Ch-chi, Mindy, hek-tor, and myself were all in attendance. We got off topic a lot, insulted a lot of people, and ended with a rousing and inexplicable rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In".

I made a low bitrate mp3 of the commentary. It's still 37 Megs, and it's here if you want it. But I should warn you that it will be of absolutely no interest to you unless: 1.) you were there last night, or 2) You have a copy of the Bastard Squad tape, and you can get the audio synced up with the video. Also note that the high pitched whine is an artifact of compression, and is not present in the raw WAV.

[User Picture]From: cailin23
2002-08-12 03:10 pm (UTC)
we ended with WHAT?

i can't wait to hear this. especially since i don't remember the last episode at all.
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[User Picture]From: vyvyanbasterd
2002-08-12 03:33 pm (UTC)
There is nothing that I can think of people enjoying more than listening to us spew our usual moronic bullshit for close to 2 hours. Very enlightening, though!
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