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take the weirdoes bowling... take them bowling. [Aug. 15th, 2002|01:50 pm]
Roy Janik
Tuesday night was Cha-chee's last in Austin, and so naturally we all went bowling. We had two lanes, one for "finesse" and one for "power bowling". Power bowling involves hurling the ball as hard as you can at the pins, with little regards for what or who you actually knock down. I was nominally in the finesse lane, but thanks to the fact the only ball I could find to fit my fingers was heavy as hell, I had quite a bit of power kicking. I held my own, and was neck and neck with Wes for about 8 frames, but fatigue got the better of me, and I couldn't maintain through the 9th & 10th.

Tuesday was also the DJ review, and the first I've hosted. A DJ review is where a few DJs get together, listen to tapes of their shows, and make comments. Chi-chi, Nicole, Amy and Jackie attended mine. We grilled, naturally. After it was all over, I read my review sheets. The best comment was "I thought he would be funnier looking in person".

Also also it was Cha-chee's last Knighthood meeting yesterday. He'll still be active, and he's got plans to extend into LA. I think we're in an excellent position right now. The local chapter is self-sustaining, and the media projects are all moving along, albeit slowly. Even Piggy Lovin' is starting to move again. James already pointed it out, but I think the crucial thing about BUH is that we have a long history of actually *doing* things, despite the fact that sometimes it takes a long, long time. This is why I'm trying to get IHSC tracks finished, and why I really want to see the new Bastard Squad episode "in the can". Anyhow, I'm hopeful for the future. We've got more and more people working on stuff.