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Roy Janik

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roy's validation hour [Sep. 5th, 2002|12:39 am]
Roy Janik
Tonight was the Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter Apreciation Hour, wherein listeners were supposed to call in and show their appreciation for us. We actually got a good number of calls, which was good for my sanity. It's also surprising, since we were basically just pleading for attention. Kareem, Chi-chi, and Nicole were all there, and it was quite fun. Oh, and Wes, someone at the station asked about you, and said that you were damn funny on the radio and should come back. The end.

[User Picture]From: mayzie
2002-09-05 12:12 am (UTC)

i forgot about the ray thing

you know, ra really does have some sense to it.
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