Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

there doesn't seem to be anyone around...

Today, we had our first Immortal Human Skin Cells jam session. I promised I wouldn't mention who was there to protect the guilty, so lets just say that Bleric, Blindy, Bli-chi, Blave and I were all present. So that would be trumpet, penny whistle, harmonica, guitar, and concertina, respectively. As our first masterpiece, we chose Tiffany's classic cover of "I Think We're Alone Now", though I'm sure deep down in some of our hearts we were singing Weird Al's "I Think I'm a Clone Now".

Anyhow, for people who barely have a grasp on our instruments, we managed to beat our way through it. The ultimate plan, of course, is to get it down solid (and a few other songs), and go play on 6th street.

Here's a 2 meg mp3. Don't judge us too harshly, as it WAS our first practice. Still, I think it shows promise of what it'll sound like when all the wrong notes are smoothed over.

"I Think We're Alone Now", arranged for Concertina, Guitar, Harmonica, Penny Whistle, and Trumpet
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