Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

party on the moon a success

A deep analysis later. For now, here' s pictures

look at this smile. i've rarely seen such an honest unbridled expression of merriment on anyone. hek-tor

is a being of pure joy.

"peace!" says tree-hugger james.

i'm some sort of sissy, pissed off vampire.

is such an album cover

wes broke one the poor banjo's

and this is for the first single/b-side

lisa, a newsie by trade, unwinds
a bit, singing
songs of homespun wisdom

brendan, quite literally, has his
groove on.

colleen is in urge overkill.

seconds before josh was clubbed
in the back
of the head by a nazi.

nick is probably singing "tiny

the emodiment of suave

the key grip of suave

note the smoking jacket over the shimmery suit

i tried to be everywhere at once
during the party, but somehow i missed this.

James hates you and eric loves you!

two joshes and a cut off lisa

and, the aftermath

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