Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

pedlle your soup somewhere else, old man!

Reason 203092423423 why I love Austin. I just won free soup! I got a mass e-mail from the Soup Peddler, the guy who delivers soup door to door in S. Austin, announcing he was back. He also rambled about a new cooling method, and how he had cooked 10 quarts of vichyssoise to test it out. He offered to give away a quart to the first 10 people who could name the Broadway musical where vichyssoise played a key role. I did a little research and figured out that it was Nunsense, so I e-mailed him back.

Well, I just went to his house to get the soup. It was a gorgeous 2 story house with interestingly coloured walls and hardwood floors. Very south Austin. But it also had a working clock on the outside up top, and a tree fort!

He was very nice, and showed me around. Unfortunately, he's decided to not deliver past Oltorf anymore, because he just can't make the rounds by himself anymore. However, he'll be selling weekly at Lambert's, a restaurant which is very close by and very good, from what I hear.

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