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Roy Janik

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From the makers of Hispanaway! [Oct. 5th, 2002|01:59 am]
Roy Janik
Editing the Bastard Squad is going really well. Well, it is now, anyhow. Something.. "happened" to Eric and he had to leave...


From: (Anonymous)
2002-10-05 03:44 am (UTC)


Tonight, we were at Dave's working on Bastard Squad. While there, we found the above clip of Eric, and Roy uploaded it to his LiveJournal. When I came home, I checked it really quickly, and noticed an interesting entry about the Soup Peddler. I went to the Soup Peddler's web page, and browsed around, and eventually came across this sub-page: http://www.souppeddler.com/honor_system.htm . The picture on that page, Norman Rockwell's "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You," is the same as on Dave's wall.

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From: (Anonymous)
2002-10-05 01:37 pm (UTC)
Is...um...Eric constipated?

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