Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

she's cracking up!

So when I purchased Dinosaur Moonbase One, it was pointed out that there was a crack in the drywall in the master bedroom's closet. Which means, of course, that the foundation is shifting, and settling. Which is a pervasive problem in Austin, so the inspector didn't seem overly concerned about it. Fair enough. But since I've moved in, other cracks have appeared in various walls. Now, near that self-same closet there's a large crack running down the wall, and you can see the drywall through the blue paint.

I tend to freak out when stuff breaks.

So anyhow, I've got Centex coming out tomorrow to give me a free estimate on stabilizing the house. These things cost a LOT of money. Like A LOT. Hard to express. Like 10s of thousands of dollars sometimes. But at least I'll know what we're dealing with tomorrow.

Tonight at DM-1 (at 7:00) is the Tower storming meeting. You're all welcome to come and help plan what will hopefully be a successful event. Contact me (via my profile information) if you wanna come.
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