Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


Okay, Tamara. Interested in what the Knighthood of Buh is like? Here's a message from James (sometimes Phillipe), who's in Buh:

OK, I'll be out on Speedway on Wednesday in a hot dog suit, teaching a lesson in Geometry/Computer Graphics (the only thing I can talk about for hours). I expect everyone to bring pads of papers, etc.

However, I know I'm going to be riled by people walking by, a la 6th street for Halloween. So I'm just going to fly off the fucking handle at these people. What I need, however, are some clever taunts/ways to go to bother these people. We may even want to have a few plants to kick the shit out of me.

Anybody have clever taunts?


Intriguing, no?
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