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Ed's two-headed goat

Here are the rest of the pictures of the tower storming.

So I guess I should write about this stuff before I forget it. The tower storming event has been an idea of the knighthood's for about three years. The basic premise is this: a mob of peasants forms at the base of the UT Clock Tower and demands that the monster inside be released so that it can finally we destroyed. In practice this consists of a few things: burlap sacks cut into peasant costumes, cheerleaders, and a series of speeches from characters of interest.

We tried to do this last year, but the weather thwarted us. So we put it off until this Halloween. Most of us, I think, assumed it would never happen. But somehow, at the beginning of October, I became obsessed with the idea. Soon we had some planning sessions and made some rather ambitious decisions... 1) We would build a booth to recruit peasants to join the mob. 2) We would film a recruitment video for the peasant army. 3) We would actually have rehearsals.

Well, it all came together. The recruitment booth worked great, and we got lots of non-knighthood people involved. We made signs, wrote more speeches (in addition to the 4 I wrote last year), constructed a booth out of wood, flimed the video, made propaganda pamphlets, acquired implements of destruction, cut more sacks, sent out press releeases, and even rehearsed.

On the day of the event we met up at ML & Nicole's place, donned our sacks, and marched to the tower. When we got there, we found a sizeable group already waiting for us. I handed out the spare tools (stick brooms, rakes, signs, stakes), and James got on the mike. And it just rocked.The mob just shouted random stuff the entire time. It was ridiculously easy to get a chant started. All the speeches were really funny, and interacted well with the mob. And speaking of the mob, some of its most vocal members were the new, non-BUH recruits. One of them, with cat makeup, later came to the meeting and said it was "the most fun [she'd] ever had in [her] life". The cheers (by ML and Nicole) added just the right dab of surreality. And James, of course, spewed a constant stream of unrelenting bile and monster hatred. It was his passion for monster destruction, more than anything, that made the audience wonder if perhaps we weren't really serious about something or other. We gave away all of our burlap uniforms (50ish in number), which is fantastic. And beyond the mob there was a stationary crowd of 150 or so onlookers, keeping a safe distance.

After the first hour, we'd gone through all the prepared speeches, so we implemented Operation DoOver, wherein we marched around the tower and repeated the performance. The march in and of itself was one of my favorite bits, because it really freaked people out. Energy was high, and we chanted the whole way 'round. Even funnier was that a large group of our onlookers continued to follow us, still from a safe distance. At one point we encountered a guy in a sparkly lion costume thing, and the mob beat him down. Once there was silence I asked everyone (in my best tour guide voice) to stay together as a tight unit, and to move on.

When we got back to the rally space, we began to repeat the show. Unfortunately, 15 minutes in, the power died. Whether or not it was a freak occurrence, or someone with power didn't like us, we'll probably never know. But we persevered. And by persevered I mean we danced. The whole mob ran up the steps and got down. I'm still not sure why, but it made for some good pictures.

So we cut the event a bit short, and jumped to the pizza ending. We sent Worm down to the Littlefield Fountain with empty pizza boxes, and then James yelled that he had heard there was free pizza down by the fountain. Then, to dazed onlookers, the entire mob ran off to get pizza. The end.

Goodnight. I'll proofread this later.
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