Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

jolt, how I love thee

I'm braced and ready for action. Presentation, here I come!

UPDATE: The presentation went... ummm... I have no idea. I was jittery and rambled, of course. My presentation was light on technical details, because 1) I couldn't find much low-level documentation, and 2) I'm more interested in the cultural ramifications of internet radio and the business models of distributed streaming than anything else. But it went okay, and there was some interesting discussion.

Also, a note about the sketch to the left. I'm getting better at drawing faces, and had a sort of breakthrough on Tuesday when I started using the round nose. Also, I'm starting to gain ground on drawing feet, something I've always had a problem with. I'm pretty amused by that bloke's short stubby arms.

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