Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

They all shared the same belief, that up above the sun had teeth.

What a lazy, lazy weekend. I probably should have tried to do some productive stuff, but I didn't. I need some relaxation time, anyhow, after the hectic days of last week. Friday, I went and saw Sara play at The Sky Lounge. After that she, Kareem, Mindy, Brendan and Kate came over to Dinosaur Moonbase One for dinner. That night was Riley's, of course, which involved more alcohol than usual on my part... mainly due to drinking beforehand with Brendan. I brought the concertina with me in the car, and basically annoyed everyone. It was a pattern I would repeat throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, I left my concertina in Mindy's car, and didn't get her back till the next day.

Saturday morning was really fun, actually. I got up extremely early and started doodling for no good reason. Eventually, I scanned in the picture to the left, and went on a quest to learn how to shade. I found a brilliant tutorial at I figured it was appropriate, since my sketch was vaguely manga in style. I learned a lot of good things. Mainly I learned to never use the "magic wand" tool but instead to use multiple layers and the polygonal lasso. Saturday evening was the Lord of the Rings DVD watching/grilling party. Eric, Jenn, Brendan, Mindy, James, Chi-chi, and Nicole all showed up. We even watched some of the documentaries. There was also the free flowing of liquor. In fact, at the moment there are 3 very toxic drinks (in stylish colored aluminum tumblers) in my fridge. consisting of lots of 151, and a smidgen of Dr. B. Anyhow, I was in kind of a nihilistic mood the whole weekend, so I embraced the drinks quite heartily.

Once I was good and soused, Nicole and I traveled to the Connections/Sleep Deprivation party. As with any party where the point is to not sleep, everyone was asleep when we arrived. Tom, HJ, Lilana, Dave, and some other people (I was pretty drunk) were there. Naturally I had my concertina with me, so I proceeded to play several tunes rather loudly. That was fun. Dave seemed to particularly enjoy my performance.

Nicole and I fled to the 2nd party, at Josh Strong's place. I remember nothing at all about it, except that I really liked hek-tor's hair. I also kept forgetting who he was cuz he looked so different with it all straight and ironed.

Sunday I awoke to find myself very ill. Headachy, mainly. I forced myself to drink water, since Jennifer (maisyzie on livejournal) always tells me to do such things. I laid down on the futon and proceeded to watch more Lord of the Rings documentaries. There are a good 17+ on the DVDs. After eating some of Mindy's soy ice cream, I threw up. After that, of course, I felt much better. Mindy and Brendan came over, and we cooked some hot dog sandwiches. And then we watched the res of the documentaries. Or rather, I watched them and they slept.

I must say that I was very impressed with the level of sheer effort and care that thousands of people put into that film. I fell in love, not with the movie itself, but the idea and desire to work on something of that scale, and with that much love and sweat pouring into it. I'm constantly amazed at what just a few willful people can accomplish when they really try. I can't even imagine what something like that must be like. But I want in on it.

Dinner was at Noodlisms, with Brendan, Mindy, Eric, and Jenn. I fell in love with two of the waitresses. And the udon wasn't half bad either. I also bought everyone their meals, thanks to Todd giving me bill money, and my former aforementioned nihilistic attitude. After that, we all went to 1/2 price books, where I purchased The Fellowship of the Ring (of course), a collection of Children's music sheet music and a collection of music from the 1930s. And a little stuffed that bear that when squeezed, I swear, emits static.

the end.
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