Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

throwing rocks at the sky

OR: click on the horribly unfunny comic to learn about God's plan and the real truth about dinosaurs!
just got back from viewing the Leonids meteor shower with Eric and Dave. It's supposed to be the last one until 2090something, but I don't really trust astronomers, ya know? Anyhow, it was fun. We drove to end of Loop 1, which is hilarious in and of itself, and then turned left. We pulled over on a side street precisely at 4:22am, the peak time of the shower. We got out some blankets and watched the sky.

Due to the full moon and clouds, viewing conditions were less than ideal, but we still saw quite a few meteors... even some of the super bright green ones with lingering trails. Dave brought some tea along, too. At one point I thought I heard a raccoon, and Eric coincidentally brushed my leg. Within a second I had jumped up to my feet, and somehow scared Dave into doing the same.

Also, Eric made a turbin out of some sweatpants in his trunk, so we were pretty sure that when the inevitable redneck with a sawed-off shotgun showed up, he'd mistake us for terrorists and give us what for.

Eventually, the cloud cover lifted, and we got a pretty good show. After about an hour, the last meteor streaked across the sky and scrawled out the words,"The End??" in flowerly meteor cursive, so we went home.
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