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Roy Janik

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sweet [Nov. 20th, 2002|05:23 pm]
Roy Janik
The knighthood's doing an event this week where they rate various people on various things as they walk by (using olympic-style placards with numbers on them). Potentially offensive, yes, but not nearly as much as some previous events.

Anyhow, it got shut down by the cops today! Huzzah!

operative: Did you hear what happened to ratings?
operative: The police came and stopped us because someone filed a complaint.
roymund: no! Details, please.
operative: Yep.
operative: Apparently, someone (a girl) filed a complaint, and like three cops came.
roymund: what did y'all rate her on?
operative: We didn't.
roymund: so what was she complaining for?
operative: We don't know what the complaint was or by whom, but it was obvious from the police guy talking to us that it was from someone who totally misunderstood the event.
operative: We don't know. As the cop said, "It's none of our business."
roymund: So they still made you stop? What was their reason?
operative: Someone filed a complaint,
And, I think something like "We're all adults, we should know better"
roymund: know better than what?
roymund: I still don't get it. What where you doing wrong?
operative: Than to do stuff like this, I guess.
operative: Nothing!!
roymund: where were you?
operative: On one of the benches on speedway, in between Gregory Gym and Jester.
roymund: hmmm, that's really odd.
roymund: were the cops dicks, or nice about it?
operative: Dicks.
operative: Drew was suprised Tom just took it.
roymund: that sucks. I didn't realize they could just stop you if there was a generic complaint.
operative: It was a specific complaint, I think.
roymund: but we still don't know what exactly it was?
operative: From what I gathered, some girl complained about something we said (although I know there wasn't anything said worth complaining about),
operative: or
operative: He wouldn't tell us. I asked him, and he said, "It's none of your business."
operative: or someone misconstrued what was going on, and thought we were just rating girls that walked by (but as I understand it, we can still do that anyway)
roymund: Well keep up the good work.
operative: We threw the three sets of signs away,
operative: but then when we told Drew and Zac about what happened, we took them back to the (thankfully clean) trash can and they got them out.
operative: I think we're doing it again tomorrow.
operative: But it was *really* funny yesterday when we stood in one of the RLM elevators for like fifteen minutes
operative: A'ight, take care!

[User Picture]From: quaskye
2002-11-20 07:07 pm (UTC)


They can shut us down without telling us why?!?!?!??! Without telling us what we're being charged with? ummm....isn't that against some sort of amendment or something. Also, it so obviously is our business that I don't even know what to say.

freedom of speech nothin'!
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