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Roy Janik

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I still don't buy it. [Nov. 25th, 2002|11:09 am]
Roy Janik
So I went to Riley's yesterday to listen to and possibly participate in the Irish session. I brought my concertina, but never took her out, cuz those guys are way too good and fast. My plan was to hang out far away and try to pick out some of the songs, but there were actually a good number of people there, so there wasn't really a secluded space. I hung out and had some Guinness and a shepherd's pie for dinner. Eventually, I broke out a stack of blank IBM punchcards, which I like to doodle on.

Lacking anything better to do, I started storyboarding a children's book.

So did you storyboard an entire book?"

Yeah, but it was more stream of consciousness than anything.

About dinosaurs on the moon?


Larry the Brontosaurus is born, has some friends, decides to go to the moon... He tries a few ways, but ultimately decides to build a rocketship. At this point a kid interrupts the story and yells about how a dinosaur couldn't know about rocketships, so it sidetracks with a little story about Peabody Jones, an inventor in the future. He invents a time machine, travels back in time to the age of the dinosaurs... hangs out with Larry and tells him a bunch of stuff.

So anyhow, Larry thinks for a long time, and eventually puts a giant cap on a volcano, and he and his friends wait on top of it. Pressure builds up... and they fly to the moon. The get out and frolic.

The kid interrupts again-

Kid: "That's impossible! That'd never work!"
Narrator: "Times were simpler then. "
kid: "But even if they got to the moon, they wouldn't be able to breathe!"
Narrator: "True, but they didn't know that."

Then we show some dinosaur footprints, and say "Millions of years later men went to the moon. And found these footprints. They didn't know what they were, so they didn't tell anyone. But now you know that secret. It was Larry."

Cut to Themepark. "And that's why we built Dinosaur Moonpark. To honour Larry and his friends."

Larry: "Thanks!"


kid: "I still don't buy it."

So right as I was penciling in the last punchcard, Mindy and Brendan showed up. Kate joined us a little later. We hung out for a while, listened to music, talked about life, art, and how to actually accomplish things, and then went home.

Throw in playing a lot of Jak & Daxter, and you've got my entire Sunday.