Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

When you sleep tomorrow And it won't be long

Well, my presentation was completed at 6:00 AM, and was sent off to my prof, then. I wasn't even tired and had no difficulty at all staying up. I used the two hours until class to do a run-through of the presentations, scribble down speaker notes, and to take a shower.

The presentation went great... much much better than last time. I was prepared, knew what was talking about, and talked about specific, concrete algorithms. I managed to leave the class whistling songs from Labyrinth, which must mean I was happy, right?

When I got to work I still had energy so I did some last minute revisions of my part of the report my group is turning in/presenting later today.

Now, however, I am very very very tired, and could really stand to eat some lunch.

The only thing left is a report due next Thursday. No problem. I'm particularly proud of my efforts over the past week because even though I had a lot of scary, overlapping projects, I didn't half-ass any of them. I turned in quality goods

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