Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

grade report

Just checked my grades. I received credit for my crypto class (was taking it pass/fail) and got an A in my distributed computing class. Hell yeah. To celebrate, I'm going to treat myself to 30 minutes at the gym tonight.

Now the only lingering bit of mystery revolves around my incomplete grade from last semester, and the problem is two-fold: 1) did the prof. get around to "extending the incomplete" to give himself time to grade it, and 2) what will he think of it? The reason the project took so long was because I picked a particularly vague project. Nearly everyone else in the class chose to implement a SCHEME interpreter, and leave it at that. But my chosen path was a different one. I looked deep into my heart, and thus into the heart of all mankind, and found that what I really wanted to do (nay, NEEDED to do) was invent my own XML-based language for threshold-oriented anomaly detection, and then compile programs written in that language into Java assembly code. This was my task, and all the dark forces of the cursed Procasti Nation could not delay me forever from accomplishing it. But it's really sort of a weird project, being wholly invented by my fancy, and I have no idea if it's what he's looking for.
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