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Roy Janik

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We don't need your baguettes! Or your fashion neither! [Jan. 22nd, 2003|11:45 am]
Roy Janik
So the Stinky del Negro performance last night went great. They showed up early and set their stuff up, and then we went and got coffee. The whole band was really nice, and they're up for playing at whatever sort of No Pants Day festivities we come up with. Anyhow, Andrew did the sound engineering on the show, and as usual went above and beyond the call of duty, including burning a CD of the performance as it happened.

Here are the mp3s... ALL 11 OF THEM:

Short Fat Lesbian Clown 2:38, 2.4M
Tuckin' it Between My Legs 2:38, 2.4M
La Turista 2:45, 2.5M
Death to the French 1:44, 1.6M
Feathering the Nest 2:42, 2.5M
College 5:53, 5.4M
Hackin' and Rustlin' 3:59, 3.7M
The Fattest Kid 4:48, 4.4M
The Soft Opening 3:21, 3.1M
Blood Sucking Bitch 2:52, 2.6M
Capture the Spider 4:50, 4.4M