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Roy Janik

I'm very smart

So Requiem for Tesla was very good. With Spike Jones blaring in the car, Ellen and I ventured off to Habana, which I hear Jenn. and Eric also ate at later that night. We then met up with Kareem and Sara at the Off Center. As I parked my car, I couldn't help but remember Colleen's tales of having to shine a bright light on the parking lot to keep potential thieves at bay. oooohh.... We also saw Yasmin there, wearing a fur coat and an annoying laugh.

The play itself was a mix of special effects, Rocky Horroresque dance breaks, and amusing dialogue. Particularly impressive were the wall to wall light bulbs and the GIANT TESLA COIL. Dear lord, when they turned that thing on, it was just truly frightening... a raw vein of electricity coming right for you, but tapering off before it got close. Great stuff. One of the cast members played both the role of Mark Twain and Thomas Edison, and was literally split down the middle.. his left side was Twain, all crazy haired, dressed in a white suit, and his right side was Edison, with slicked back hair and a black suit.

So naturally I've been reading about Tesla today. He truly was an interesting character, and really did invent the remote control, radio, alternating current, and quite possibly the DEATH RAY.

He also had a thing for pigeons.

P.S. Edison was a bastard who liked to fry elephants in his spare time.
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