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Roy Janik

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on betraying trust. [Feb. 9th, 2003|09:47 pm]
Roy Janik
In other news, I nearly got scammed for 2000 dollars on E-bay!

I'm going to buy a horribly expense video camera, and I've been monitoring the e-bay auctions. I finally bid on one and won it...
The seller took 2 days to contact me, so in the meantime I used an E-bay feature to get their contact info. What I got was the name of a lady and a phone number in Damon, TX. This made me suspicious since the location on the auction was New York. So I called, and got an answering machine. An hour later I got an e-mail from the seller that didn't mention the message, and simply said that my total was $2000, which was wrong, since the total was actually $2100. He also said that I should use Western Union, and not to use a cashier's check:
Ok let use Western Union. It is the best variant!
The checks are not convenient very much. Don't send check.
Send payment in Monday.

I sell you Canon for $2000.


And the name he gave me was Antonio Santana at a New York address. At this point I looked into the seller's history and saw that 1) she hadn't sold anything in a while, and 2) everything she sold prior had been clothing. So I did some research and found out that scammers commonly use Western Union since it's a way to wire cash... so all they need is a fake id good enough to fool western union and they're off scott-free.

So I was pretty sure it was a scam. I e-mailed back asking for him to explain the discrepency between his info and the info e-bay provided me. Shortly thereafter, another random person e-mailed me and told me that the person was a scam artist, and to not send them money. I called the number again this morning and talked to the lady. It turns out she hadn't used her account in months, and while on the phone with me she logged on and was very surprised to the see the auction in her "completed auctions" view. That's about it. She's changed her password and is reporting him to E-bay. Although, I doubt they can find him.

And now back to the drawing board, a little bit more leery of trusting sellers.

[User Picture]From: cha_chee
2003-02-09 07:52 pm (UTC)


if only you could wire a punch instead of money. Then they would show up and receive a punch instead of the damned money.
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From: driveinmakeout
2003-02-09 09:34 pm (UTC)

Re: crap

maybe like a less-severe mafia
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[User Picture]From: vyvyanbasterd
2003-02-10 08:43 am (UTC)

Re: crap

"Death to the French," Yell the Italians!
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From: austinjones
2003-02-10 10:32 pm (UTC)

End of Auction Notice

Dear Seller,

Please be aware that Buyer is a member of the Cosa Nostra Buyers Network (CNBN). Non-delivery of goods and/or deception of any kind with respect to this transaction will be dealt with accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact our local office in your area.


Cosa Nostra Buyers Network
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From: driveinmakeout
2003-02-10 10:45 pm (UTC)


ehh... is that from snow crash or something?
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From: austinjones
2003-02-10 11:05 pm (UTC)

Re: yes

The mafia franchulate was called Cosa Nostra in Snow Crash, but the term has been around for a long time. Cosa Nostra gets the point across without sounding too harsh.
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[User Picture]From: happy_buddha
2003-02-09 09:25 pm (UTC)

An aside...

The XL1 is a badass li'l camera. Not quite an XL1s... but as I use a 1chip Sony, you'll still be smoking my ass...
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