Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

this week, at the DM-1 diner

Last week's cooking went really well. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and sampled stuff. The winner I think was Friday's meal, the Mushroom Stuffed Flank Steak Roll. Here's the line-up for this week. Trying to pin down a time for food to be ready proved problematic, but in general assume that showing up around 7:00 would be safe... Except for Tuesday, when I've got Nummy Muffin until 8:00.

MON: Chicken and Barley Bake, page 192, 257 calories
TUES: Vegetable rice bake, page 260, 315 calories
WED: Individual Pineapple Meat Loaves, page 111, 186 calories
THURS: Peppery Beef and Vegetables, page 105, 316 calories
FRI: Beef Roulades, page 95, 247 calories
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