Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

God didn't invent pants... It was Levi Strauss!

True to his word, Wally Pleasant sent me a No Pants Day song today. And true to my word, I'm posting it here for you guys to listen to. Check it out!

Wally Pleasant- No Pants Day Anthem, mp3, 64kbps, 1M

And as IF that wasn't enough, Jerm Pollet of Mr. Sinus and Gal's Panic fame has agreed to write a No Pants Day song as well.

And of course Sara Hamman's song will be recorded very soon.

I've done my bit to spread holiday cheer. HAVE YOU?

PS. As an extra bonus, here's an old recording of Wallly playing Two For One Coupon on Nummy Muffin:

Two For One Coupon, mp3, 192kbps, 4.3M
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