Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

do you wanna know what hides inside infatuation?

Why I continue to let myself get stressed out about my ridiculous activities is beyond me. My tendancy to freak out is both a source of constant frustration and amusement. My latest OCD fixation: No Pants Day. So we'll cover that first.

Here's the final mastered version of Sara's No Pants Song (that I wrote the words for). I'm really proud of it, so please give it a listen:

Sara Hamman- No Pants Day Song (finished), mp3, mono, 3:48, 3.5MB

We recorded it at Seven's apartment. Seven is a guitarist who plays with Sara on occasion, and he knows more about audio than I do. It was a learning experience for me. He didn't use a mixer, headphones, or anything, but it came out fantastic. All the processing was done afterwards, using Sound Forge and another mastering program.

In other exciting news, Stinky del Negro has agreed to do a song as well, and will also be helping me to book a celebration at Ruta Maya's.

My big quest, though, is to try and find Wally Pleasant a place to play. I've got some leads, but it needs to get solidified *NOW*, as he wants to play in late April. Between Chi-chi and I, we should be able to pull it off, but this is a huge area of stress right now.

Hey chris2342, what's it take to get someone to play at Opal Divine's?

In non-stressful news, I had my "one on one" meeting with my manager today, and it went swimmingly. She's happy with me, and I was witty and charming for once.

In total geek news, the D&D campaign that Brendan's running was a lot of fun this past Sunday. We ditched our previous characters and started anew, and this time we got it right. Also, I drew a picture of a lizard man-

Oh, and we're going to war.
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