Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

birthday wrap-up

So, this weekend was my birthday celebration. It started on Saturday with putt-putt at Peter Pan Minigolf. This is a superb establishment for several reasons: 1) They have a statue that for all the world appears to be a nazi pirate. 2) They let you bring alcohol with you to play. We were a little worried about that last point, since there was a little kid's birthday party going on, but the guys running the cash register said it was okay. In appreciation, we gave them each a beer. Anyhow, lots of folks showed up, including Mindy, Scott, Chi-chi, Wes, Jenn, Eric, Dave, and Nick. Mindy smoked us all at Minigolf, but I like to feel that I had more "flair". Kareem and Sara showed up at the last hole, and we journeyed on to Dinosaur Moonbase One.

The party itself consisted of grilling way too much food, watching anime/movies and playing dominos. Oh, and drinking. Thanks to everyone who showed up! Ellen gave me a kick-ass dinosaur hat, by the way. I can't really explain it adequately.

Sunday brought relaxation, the Cowboy Bebop movie (at the Dobie), geek night (the best so far, thanks to a drunk Brendan), and writing songs with Josh and Dave. We worked on several No Pants Day songs, but just as we were running out of time, Dave hit on a winner... a Russian folk song, ala "An American Tail" The lyrics we have so far are "In our old country, we always wore our pants, but now here in America without them we will dance! Hey!".

Monday (I took Monday off, too) was just a day of laziness, punctuated by food. I watched some anime, bought a wireless keyboard & mouse (as well as a coatrack), ate lunch at the Claypit with Colleen, hek-tor, Ryan, Lacey and Andrew, watched more anime, ate dinner at Benne Hanna with Mindy, Brendan, Nicole, Jenn, and Eric, watched more anime, and fell asleep.

And speaking of drinking, I've made several goals for my 26th year. One of them is to not drink alcoholic beverages for the entire year. I have several reasons for this, but the main reason is that it's just a lot of extra calories. I'd appreciate your support in this endeavor.
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