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Roy Janik

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chocolate and caucasian cupcakes [Jun. 27th, 2003|03:21 am]
Roy Janik
The show went well tonight. Major props to Eric for co-hosting with me. We got a lot of calls, and played the Abe Lincoln sounds that Kareem and I recorded last night.

Actually, you can hear it all for yourself:

Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter, 6/26/2003, 26.5 megs, mp3

This was my first attempt at using the line-in on my mp3 player to record the show. It worked great, except that I forgot to adjust the volume feeding into the player, so everything is overblown and clipped. It's still very listenable, though.

On a side note, someone at work today noticed that I had lost weight.

That rules. A lot.

[User Picture]From: kbadr
2003-06-27 09:08 am (UTC)

I noticed last night, too

you were looking rather svelt in the suit jacket. good job, roymund.
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