Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


Last evening was spent in celebration. Between Brendan's birthday dinner at the sushi restaurant, Mushishino, and Colleen's Welcome Back Party, there was a lot of social interaction to be had.

Pictures from the night are here.

At Mushishino, I had 3 different types of roll, as I had forgotten to eat all day. I still probably overdid it, but meh. I had 1)"Spicy Mussel" rolls with some really hot red-coloured sauce, 2)Rainbow rolls, which are like California Rolls wearing a hat made of fish, and Spider Rolls Evo rolls, which involve tempura-fried crab. Couple that with the chocolate moose cake at Mindy's afterward and I'm still pretty damn stuffed as I type this.

I went home with intentions of doing some actionscript programming in Flash. Talked to Kristin for a bit on IM, and then Colleen called wanting to know why I wasn't at the party. I didn't realize it was Colleen, though. In fact, I didn't know who it was, so my answers were really vague and eventually she got pissed and gave up. Once I figured it out, I grabbed Dave and we headed over.

It was fun, but I think my limited social interaction resevoir had all been used up, so my ability to communicate was at a low. And since I'm not drinking, I couldn't acquire an alternate source of wit. Dave, however, could. He downed 6 beers in no time, and ultimately when we left he had to pee so bad that the ride home was an interesting study in torture.
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