Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

So the only one brave enough to do the greenbelt with me this weekend was Wes. We did the whole fifteen miles this time. It's simply amazing how much more pleasant the hike is when it's 90 degrees, as opposed to 100. We both packed too much water, and loaded up on power bars and the like. Oh, also, the trail was technically closed, so we were all rebellious and stuff. As were all the other people on the trail I guess. As usual, the worst part of the trip was the feet. I think I managed to escape getting a blister, but I came damn close. We saw slugs, lizards, a big-ass snake (in the water), a falcon of some sort, buzzards (on the hill of death), squirrels, bikies, and climbies.

Eric claims he wants to go every weekend for a month, so you folks may get your chance to join in the fun next time. For now, pictures are here:

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