Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


Yesterday was contest day, as both the t-shirt from the song contest arrived, and the free mp3 player I won from I-River arrived. A couple months ago I wrote up a tutorial on using their new firmware, and won 3rd place or something. That was good enough to win the 380t, a 128 meg flash based mp3 player. As I already have a better model of mp3 player from them, I passed it on to Mindy... after upgrading the firmware and loading it full of Pain, of course.

This weekend is my dad's birthday, but I've decided to hold off and go home the first weekend of October instead. With luck, Kristin will come with me. Anyone else want to go?

But that frees up this weekend. Assuming I can still get to the trail head with this ACL music fest going on, anyone else want to go hiking tomorrow? It's only 15 miles!
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