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I dare you to read this whole thing (OR: Kristin and Roy travel to Janik Family Central)

Kristin and I went to visit my family this weekend. And by visit the family I mean eat a lot of food. With the audiobook of Snow Crash playing in the car, we headed for Kemah/Santa Fe. Our first stop was La Grange, where we picked up some kolaches and ate at Mack's Roadhouse. It was a buffet, naturally, and the chicken couldn't be beat. Kolaches acquired, we sped on east.

We got to my sister Darlene's at around 11:30pm Friday night, and settled in. Saturday morning I was delighted to discover that there was a mysterious wireless access point providing fast, free internet to my laptop. More on that in a bit. It took us a while to get started, but eventually Kristin, my brother Roger, Suzie (Roger's girlfriend) and I headed into Houston for a Greek Festival. Like most festivals of this type, the represented culture had been widdled down to the bare essentials: food, costumes, and dance. But mainly food. Mainly dessert, really. Bahklava, sundaes sprinkled with bahklava, loukamades (honey puffs), and lots of other things. All good, all horribly bad for you. And we were too early for the dancing. But just hangin' out with good company was more than enough.

After that, we went and watched Secondhand Lions, without really knowing what it was. But it turned out to be a really good movie. It was a "feel good" movie for sure, but it had some action/adventure (occasionally with a Princess Bride feel), and some lessons I tend to agree with (live life to the fullest believe in stuff that's worth believing in), so I approve. Go see it.

The evening wrapped up with Mongolian barbeque and some games of Fluxx.

That's when we got in trouble with the mysterious access point. Well, not really trouble. Kristin fired up her laptop, and we surfed for a bit. Eventually, though, we decided it would be fun to have a look around, so I connected to the access point (getting its IP address from the auto-configured default gateway setting). I assumed it had a web-based interface, and I was right. Naturally it prompted for a username and password, but foolishly listed the model of access point as the authorization domain. It was a D-Link 614+, I think. I started to download a manual to figure out the default password, but then just tried "admin" with a blank password. That was correct.

So as long as we were in, we figured that we should at least clear the logs of the thing when we were done. That was no problem, but it still listed our computers in the DHCP client table. I reckoned that the only way to clear that table would be to temporarily disable DHCP. Did that, which automatically reset the router.

And suddenly, I couldn't connect. I mean, I was connected to the router, but I couldn't get to the admin interface (or anywhere). Now, those of you playing at home probably already know the answer, but bear in mind that I was tired, and stuffed full of bahklava. Needless to say, I started going into the patent-pending Roy's Complete Emergency Guilt-Induced Shutdown. I had just disabled DHCP on someone's router, and they would never ever figure it out on their own. And now there was nothing I could do to make it better. I was just about to hang myself on my power cord when it occured to me that I probably just had to set the default gateway to the access point's IP myself. I did, and that worked. So I re-enabled DHCP, and in the morning cleared the logs. Not exactly 133t, but fun.

Sunday was family day. It was time to visit dad, and it was also my nephew Ryan's birthday. Kristin and I decided to get my dad a gift on the way (for his birthday 2 weeks ago), and Mike suggested that he needed a skilsaw. We also decided to get Roger his own copy of Fluxx since he seemed to enjoy it so much. Unfortunately, the only place I knew that would have it would be GameMaster's, and it had been 10 years since I had been there. I remembered it being on El Dorado, so we went off in search of it. We failed, badly. So that mission took up some time. Headed to Wal-mart and got a big-ole skilsaw for my dad, some birthday cards, and some wrapping paper, scissors, and tape. So on the way to Dad's, Kristin wrapped the bulky saw. It was amazing, and she is to be commended for her service in the line of duty. That thing was really heavy and oddly shaped, and would have been hard for me to wrap given lots of time and a large, non-moving room.

The party itself was next. Kristin nearly beat Roger at ping-pong (which is quite the accomplishment). We also proved that we could a least throw a horseshoe from one pole to the other. I, naturally, was called upon to play the concertina, which I managed to do without too many screwups. And everyone commented on how much weight I had lost. My dad, naturally, said I had lost too much. I tried to explain that I had done lots of research, etc, etc, but meh. I decided not to mention the fact that I'm still 5 pounds off from my goal (7 pounds after this weekend, I'm sure). As for who was there, let's see: Dad, Tina, Bobby, Roger, Darlene, Julie, Mike, John, Ryan, Tyler, Alec, Nicholas, Mikala, Suzie, Roger's friend Cordell, Kristin and myself.

As always, I ended up staying later than I planned and leaving earlier than everyone wanted. Dad also gave us a medium-sized ice-chest full of deer steak, deer hamburger meat, pig shoulder, and boudin sausage. So when are we grilling?

More Snow Crash on the way back, and some yummy sammiches from the kolache shop.

And now I'm back with lots to do, both at school and work. But it was worth it.
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