Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

the tale of the logic midterm

So last night I had two missions:
1) study like hell for the logic midterm that was today at 1:00, basically by doing all the homework I hadn't managed to figure out, or for the most part really attempt.
2) read the latest database paper, and write up a summary of it. Our prof had warned us that we'd have a quiz over the material, too.

but before all that.

I had to proofread my overdue design doc for work, schedule a meeting, and send out the invite and doc to the team. Somehow, that took a long time, much longer than expected, and I was hitting send just around midnight when Kristin sent me an IM asking "how's logic going?"


I decided to go ahead and read the database paper and get that out of the way.
so that I could just study through morning. My first sign of trouble should've been the thought "I"ll just lie here on the floor while I read..."

It took about 2 minutes, if that, to fall asleep.

although maybe I was working on logic at this point. That's immaterial.
Anyhow, I crashed, and crashed hard.

Woke up at 5:43.

I Decided I needed energy, so I grabbed a peanut butter sammich and banana, and sat down in the living room to read the database paper.

fell asleep AGAIN.

woke up at 7:59.

managed to read the paper and write a really shitty summary just in time to burn out the door at 9:05, stopping only to grab the printout of my summary and the 8 page hand-out that formed the "bible" of what we'd learned in logic (it was an open notes test).

So on my way to the databases class, I decided to park in the outside lot near Dobie, since it would be easier than finding a spot in the garage on the other side of campus.

But the lot was full.

tried another lot.

it was full.

finally went in the parking garage at Dobie and parked on the top.

At this point it was 9:30, and I was late for my database class, which I knew I had a quiz at the beginning of...

hoofed it across campus (I was wearing my hiking shoes), and made it in just as the quiz started. So I made it in time, but I still bombed that quiz, hard, but that was to be expected and I didn't really care. The presentation of the day started, and I realized that I had grabbed the wrong notes.


The 8 pages I needed to even have a chance at passing the logic test were still at DM-1. So I left, went back to Dobie and drove home.

Found the notes, got back in the car, and drove to the parking garage I normally park in.

It was full.

It was about 10:38 at this point. The logic class was at 11:00. I went next door to another parking garage and found a spot on top. Sprinted to the logic class, notes in hand, and got there about 15 minutes early. So my all night study-fest had turned into a 15 minute notes glance-over, and my day was not going well.



But, for some reason, the test wasn't bad at all.

I made a reasonable stab at the 3 questions, and I feel pretty confident that I was at least heading in the right direction on all of them.
I was a little sloppy, sure, but was not utterly clueless, as I've been on a lot of the homework.

So, yeah, I actually feel pretty good about it.

The other class is another story, but it's not hopeless (yet), and even if it's dropped, it's just an elective.

the logic class is the one I need.

and that is my story.

If you've read all that, you can have a cookie. And by cookie I mean a free 9 meg recording of tonight's Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter. Get it here:
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