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Roy Janik

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I may actually get a degree after all. [Dec. 17th, 2003|12:52 am]
Roy Janik
As you may or may not be aware, I've been insanely busy for the past, oh, 3 months or so. Between work and two grad. school classes, I've barely had time to do much else, and sleep has been a luxury often foregone. But now we've hit a milestone in work, and my classes are over, so my overall stress level has plummeted. However, I've been checking my grades online for the past two days like mad, since I wasn't entirely sure that I would pass either of my classes. I came close several times throughout the semester to dropping both classes. But my sheer desire to see this masters degree through to the end made me risk it.

Well I'm happy... no.. FUCKING ECSTATIC to report that I got a B in Mathematical Logic and an A in Integrating Programming Languages and Databases.

And looking back on it I think I flat-out earned the B in Logic. The A in Databases was an act of charity, but one that I'll gladly take.

So this all means that I have exactly one class left to take, and that class will more than likely be Computer Graphics... something I'll actually enjoy.

And now I'm off to practice the concertina.

[User Picture]From: tomtomtomtomtom
2003-12-17 12:37 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: keightball
2003-12-17 05:56 am (UTC)
Congrats on the excellent grades!
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From: u34km3
2003-12-17 06:08 am (UTC)
Heh. Congrats! I knew I wasn't the only one who watched for grades to appear. *refresh* *refresh* *refresh*

Did you know that they list the due dates for profs to turn in grades by in the course schedule? Not that this ever stops me from checking early...
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[User Picture]From: nekomouser
2003-12-17 07:24 am (UTC)

3 cheers for you sir!

hip-hip huzzah!
Hip-Hip Huzzah!

So does this free up Friday night?
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[User Picture]From: cha_chee
2003-12-20 09:46 am (UTC)


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