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Roy Janik

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more adorable pictures [Dec. 9th, 2000|04:46 pm]
Roy Janik
As I continue to work on my project, I of course get more and more distracted. So I went routing through my images, and came across some webcam captures of Joey the lemur in his youth. These are ridiculously cute.

You have been warned.

I told you so.

[User Picture]From: cailin23
2000-12-09 04:01 pm (UTC)


holy shit. what an amazing kitty. sniff
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[User Picture]From: tamijoh
2000-12-09 06:50 pm (UTC)


oh. my. god. it hurts.
cute kitty, big head, owwwwwwww, make it stop.
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[User Picture]From: cindylou
2000-12-10 09:44 am (UTC)

you better work it.

i think that's a cat who knows he's sexy.
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[User Picture]From: zeitgeist
2000-12-10 10:11 am (UTC)

Those are really great..

They almost make me want to get another kitten... <sigh>
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