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Interesting night all around. Worked on my damn graphics project all day long, which means that I didn't have a chance to TaeBo, or see the sunlight. Not that I like the sun anyhow. At any rate, Sara invited me to go to see her friend Eric's angry band (EnKindle Crown) play at the Backroom. So I got appropriately attired. I of course donned my powder blue leisure suit coat and the blue and purple hat from my newest crop of silly hats. Coupled with my glasses and eris medallion, I was good to go. Wes and I arrived at the Backroom at 10:30, where James and Sara were already waiting.

A few words about the Backroom. It has the reputation of being the seediest (or at least one of the seediest) bars/music venues in Austin, but I can only assume that that's far from the truth. For those from the Alabama crowd, it was fairly close in size and decor to the Five Points South Music Hall, which we all know is fairly upscale. I don't know. Maybe they set their standards higher in Austin. Also, it was an all ages place, so how seedy could it be?

At any rate, there were three bands there, all cut from the same cloth:Appeal to Ignorance, EnKindle Crown, and StoneKracker. The were hip-hoppy/funk/metal bands. Plenty of angst to go around, so I was particularly out of place in my "happy boy" getup. But I digress. I ended up having a blast, as the bands reminded me of my own angry band from high school, 540 (or Mostly Harmless... or Dashboard Mary, a name I never approved of). With some Woodchuck and Ace Pear cider consumed, I managed to loosen up. I thrashed around like a madman, and used my metal-god hair to its fullest potential.

Once Enkindle Crown came on stage, we were in for an amusing shock. Mary (Wes and Colleen's neighbor) was there. Turns out that she is really good friends with the drummer, same as Sara is good friends with the singer. Funny, neh?

Blah blah blah. I'll spare you the details of StoneKracker and such. A few notes though. Between bands, some long-haired guy came up to me and suggested that we offer to buy drinks for Sara and her friend (the singer's wife). I told him that I knew them, and that they were married. Odd fellow. Also at some point one of the guys from Enkindle Crown said that he "liked me already" cuz he saw me in the audience grooving to their music. I also got several compliments on my "pimp gear" from random people. Can't a fellow just have a passion for powder blue and not be labeled a pimp?

After the show was over, we went to a party in Enkindle Crown's honor. It was odd, because it was held in a really nice house, but there were pictures of hardcore bands everywhere, and a few snakes in little aquariums. We didn't stay too terribly long, though, because we were all hungry. And by all, I mean James, Sara, and I. Wes had gone home after the show. So we went to Kirby lane, where a mixmaster was doing some scratchin' outside. We filled our bellies, and that was the end of the night.

It's now 4:43, and I'm completely exhausted. Wonderful night though, and I can't wait to start my own angry band in the near future. Stay tuned for the smash hit "Dinosaur Moon Park".
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