Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

So lately I've been working some more on the story of a lone Dinosaur Moonpark Researcher, sent to the moon to do some some field work, and then promptly forgotten about. The stuff online is the old stuff. The new stuff is scrawled in my dinosaur notebook waiting to be typed in.

Anyhow, the poor guy gets a little stir crazy all alone on the moon, until one day he stumbles on some dinosaur bones lodged in a nearby crater.

Silly? Yes.

And it seems, entirely possible.

"Shull suggests that pieces of Earth may have been blown off the planet by asteroid strikes millions of years ago, and those pieces -- along with pieces of dinosaurs -- may have landed on the Moon or Mars.
The pieces from the impact 65 million years ago could be parts of dinosaurs, plants and other prehistoric animals in the path of the plunging asteroid. Shull said the remains could be well preserved, sitting on the airless Moon, where neither fossilization nor biological degradation would harm them."

In other news, the dinner last night was quite tasty. Dave and Jin-Young were the guests. Wednesday has been claimed by Chi-chi and Alyx, but tonight's still up for grabs.. Ham w/ Sweet Potatoes & Apples, and Cheesy Polenta Squares.
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