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Roy Janik

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Tuesday, Game night, 7pm [Aug. 2nd, 2004|04:33 pm]
Roy Janik
Up for games on Tuesday night? If so, then head on over to the Moonbase round 7:05ish on. There's the Once Upon A Time expansion, a new labyrinth type card game, and who knows? Maybe Wes will try out his Carcassone expansion.


[User Picture]From: nekomouser
2004-08-03 06:47 am (UTC)
I'll brave the traffic one more time.
Are you going to go to Weird Al on the 27th? I was thinking of getting a cheap seat myself.
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[User Picture]From: mynde
2004-08-03 07:59 am (UTC)
im out. too much work!
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[User Picture]From: dameaux
2004-08-03 08:58 am (UTC)
I will attend.
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(Deleted comment)