Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Instant Gratification

So I'm dialing up from my hotel room in Rome.

Got work to do anyways, so I might as well post, eh?

The biggest thing so far are that:
1) There are some tiny-ass cars over here and I want them all.
2) None of the bathroom facilities work they way you'd expect them to in my hotel room.
3) Customs in Italy was literally just a rubber stamp. So much easier than getting into Canada.
4) You have to insert your door card into a slot if you want the lights to stay on. Otherwise they shut off after a minute and frustrate the hell out of you.
5) I am not prepared for tomorrow's meeting, and I have homework due sometime tonight.

Here are the pictures I've taken so far. They're not terribly exciting, as I've not seen much of anything, but that'll change come Friday.

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