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Evidently people like God. [Oct. 3rd, 2004|01:16 am]
Roy Janik
OR: Screw lj-cut for once.

First off, there are 171 new pictures. It starts on the last row of page 11 if you're interested:
Reply in the comments with your favorites.

Today was a big ole museum hike. I mean, I walked A LOT, all over Rome. I first made pilgrimage to The Vatican, where I learned that popes have expensive tastes. St. Peter's Basilica was unreal, being the most extravagent church in the world, evidently. Also, there was a wedding going on while I was on there. Who has enough clout with God to get married in the Vatican? Maybe someone won a sweepstakes.

But the Vatican Museum was just totally over the top. It's basically the palaces of popes long gone, and it features heavily in the Renaissance. Entire rooms painted by Raphael, Michaelangelo. And naturally there's the Sistine Chapel. Holy crap, that thing is overwhelming. It's also the world's hardest room to navigate, as everyone is standing in place, staring up. No pictures allowed in there, probably cuz they want you to buy posters.

I was kind of rushed going through, but that didn't stop me from taking 100 pictures. There's Egyptian, Roman, Etruscan, and Renaissance-era stuff.

The Etruscans were these folks who ruled over the Romans before they got their shit together, and they were freaking cool. The borrowed a lot of stuff from the Greeks (the gods and pottery, at least), and they had a jolly old time until an Etruscan king raped a Roman girl, and the Romans got mad as hell and didn't take it any more.

So after visiting with God, I walked a long ways to the Villa Borghese, the big "Central Park" of Rome.

I originally was going there to visit the zoo, but wound up getting distracted along the way by.. more museums. Turns out there was an Etruscan museum, and since I now loved Etruscans I went happily. Lots of photos of that stuff. And it was mostly empty, which was fantastic after the Vatican Museum and the throbbing masses. Etruscan tombs are cool because they often have sculptures of the deceased on the sarcophagus. But instead of laying there looking stately, they're usually propped up on their side having a banquet.

After the Etruscans I couldn't decide whether to go to the National Gallery of Modern Art or the zoo. But the museum was right there so I gave it a whirl. And boy am I glad I did. More so than anything else I've seen, this is the one that affected me the most emotionally. I mean, you can't beat the ancient stuff, but while I admire it, it doesn't resonate with me in the way that some of the stuff here did. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed, so I can't share it with you. Worse, I didn't have a pen with me, so I couldn't write down the name of any of the artists. I did snag a few photos on the sly, though:

Note that in that first picture, those people are painted onto a mirror which I'm taking a picture of.

Strolled through the park in severe pain from hiking all day, and watched italian couples make out. Found my way back to the hotel, had dinner at nearby restaurant (sat on an upstairs patio), and I gave some French lady my extra fork.

Tomorrow I may walk to some catacombs. But they're really far away and my legs might not take it. So maybe I'll break down and take a taxi, or just go to the park and write a novel.

Today was strange. Wonderful but lonely. I took a billion pictures in the hopes of sharing with you, but it's not the same. Next time I see the world, I'd like to bring some friends along. That alright with you?

[User Picture]From: kbadr
2004-10-02 05:33 pm (UTC)

Count me in.

Next stop...ireland?
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[User Picture]From: airelav
2004-10-02 06:10 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: reiving
2004-10-02 08:12 pm (UTC)
I'm curious. And of the opinion that there is safety in numbers. Thanks for taking so many pictures, I can't pick a favorite but there are some amazing sights in there.
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[User Picture]From: somabrak
2004-10-03 08:54 am (UTC)
Looking through these photos is like re-living my art history classes; 'tis fun trying to remember who painted what, who sculpted what, etc. Thanks for sharing!
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