Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

If you are a dreamer, come in.

Last night I bought a Shel Silverstein book, the newly reissued "Different Dances". It features 'adult illustrations', and shows a side to him that most folks aren't accustomed to.

Even though the book contains no poetry, it got me in a poetic type of mood, so this morning I did my best at ripping him off. Don't have an illustration to go along with it... yet. And if you're looking for a deeper, personal meaning... move along. It's just a poem, folks.


My True Love

There once was a woman named My True Love
who was sad that she didn't exist,
so she set out to find a star
so she could make a wish.

The stars are all in Hollywood,
Well that was what they said,
so that was where My True Love went
and got shot in the head.

See, a couple of thugs with ugly mugs
went in for the kill.
Figured no one would miss her much,
since she wasn't really real.

But as she lay there on her back,
her body cold and still,
she found a star and made a wish:
"Oh please let me be real!"

Well whaddya know? A horn was blown!
A thousand angels cried!
And My True Love took her first real breath,
and then she promptly died.
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