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Got into Bouldin Creek unusually early this morning, about 7:20 or so, but alas the Muse was not with me. Started to write a story about a copying machine that begins actually eating documents, taking random bites here and there. Then I started writing a tale about a little kid running into a street after a ball. Yesterday was a bit more rewarding:

Errin wondered why his legs weren't moving. I'll just have to get out of this without them, he thought. The first thing I need to do is stall for time.

"Before you kill me, at least tell me your name."

"Archer," Archer said. Shut up, just let me kill you.

"Really? That's very interesting. Ummm. Hey, who's that?" This last bit was genuine, and not a stalling tactic. Rex Red was barreling down the trail, fear in his eyes and a bear on his trail.

Archer turned suddenly at the sound, survival instincts in overdrive. He let the arrow loose and only afterwards stopped to see who he had killed.

Rex Red was down on the ground, having tripped over himself in his terror. The bear was very dead.

The woods did not weep for the bear. Woods can't weep.

Yesterday I went running/jogging again. This time made it 1.25 miles without stopping, rested for a bit and ran another quarter mile. Then I went home and made some terrible fish soup. Well, okay, it wasn't terrible, but it was pretty bland. Tony C's helped with that. Also watched the Red Sox win the World Series. I'd been promised that the curse was going to raise its ugly head and make the Red Sox lose in a spectacular way, but that was a lie. I'll never watch baseball again.

Also saw the lunar eclipse. meh.
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