Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


That about sums up the Renaissance Festival yesterday. Note the bottle of mead. Wes and I immediately went and purchased a bottle each, finished them off, and bought another bottle each. I got pleasantly drunk. Wes got unpleasantly drunk. So it goes. The festival was full of memories as always. It's a shame I can't remember them all. First off, thanks to The Flying Fish Sailors and The Brobdingnagian Bards for putting on excellent shows, as always. I think the FFS played at least 2 of my requests (King of the Cannibal Islands, Flupandemic), not to mention The Cat Came Back and so forth. That picture is of Jay from the FFS, Raina, Sarah, and Brandi. Saw another group playing near the entrance to Sherwood Forest, consisting of a fiddler and a guitar player. I stopped because they were playing an Irish tune I recognized from the sessions I frequent. I asked, and was informed that it was the Kesh Jig, and I said something like "I've been meaning to learn that." They asked if I played fiddle, and I said "No, concertina." The guitar player got a grin on his face and hauled out a concertina that had been hiding behind the guitar case. Luckily for me, it was an English and not an Anglo (which I play) so I was off the hook. But he played some nice tunes on it. It was a Wheatstone from the 1950s that he bought from Crabb (a famous concertina maker/repair shop). But I digress. . Wes and I threw axes. I stuck one. Wes stuck ALL of his, and even managed to split one. I'm fairly sure I had a turkey leg and some apple dumplings at some point. I know I talked to far more shopkeeps than normal, for some reason or another. I saw the fireworks, which were great. I saw Dana and Misty and got to hang out a little more than normal. Phil, alas, was not there. I had a great time, and I'm thinking about going back one more time before it closes for the year.

Here are some videos that you may find interesting (taken on my camera):

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