Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Soup and games on Sunday! You bring the bread and beverages, I'll provide the soup and games.

Unfortunately, all the Soup Peddler soups for this week sound great, so help me decide. I'll probably go for two.:

Salmon Chowder
This is a fantastic white chowder that we introduced last year to quite some applause. If you've been enjoying any of our fish soups, I promise you that you'll be fighting with your husband/wife/S.O./roommate/dog for the last spoonfuls of this. Better order two. Very straightforward recipe, done with all the t's crossed and i's dotted. We'll use organic cream and butter. If I find the time this weekend, the salmon will even be pecan-smoked. No promises on that, though. I reserve the right not to smoke the fish. A half gallon is yours for $18.

Very difficult to describe this one. Essentially, it's a Colombian chicken, corn, and potato soup. But the two accent notes on this soup are fascinating... firstly, capers bring occasional salty bursts of, for lack of a better word, greenness to every other bite. But the main trick to this soup is guascas, which is a very-difficult-to-procure dried Colombian herb. It has almost an Earl Grey scent to it in dry form, but in soup, it can only be described as guascas-flavored. Since we only have a limited amount of the herb on hand, this is a limited-edition soup. Yours for $17.

Three Bean Chili
Tried and true Soup Peddler original recipe. We served it at a wedding a few weeks ago and it met with a shockingly positive response from several meat-eating Texan chili traditionalists. We use organic beans and textured vegetable protein to give it a lovely consistency, and we dose it with homemade pasilla powder, chipotle, cumin, chocolate, and sage to give it a swirl of mysterious flavors. Fritos and other toppings are your responsibility. 15.
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