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Roy Janik

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greatest moments meme yoinked from scapegoat [Dec. 14th, 2004|04:33 pm]
Roy Janik
Not counting engagements, weddings, or births, and in no particular order, list 3 of the greatest moments of your life.

1. The Tower Storming
A long time in the planning, this was the most successful BUH event that I personally coordinated. We formed a mob of angry peasants and demanded the destruction of the monster that lives in the UT clock tower. Planning, pictures and nauseating video available here

2. There's no place for drinking like Riley's
Not a single moment, but a whole series of them. When I'm 93 and thinking back to the "good ole days" I know I'll drift back to fridays at B.D. Riley's watching Pubcrawler. Surrounded by friends, dancing, drowning my sorrows and singing until my throat is sore. Hard to beat.

3. I'd like to thank you for validating my existence.
Just to balance things out, I thought I'd take it back to T-town for my last moment. Once, in our role as geek DJs at V-91, Chris and I got to interview John Linnell from They Might Be Giants. We were total dorks, and it was only a phone interview, but still. That was definitely the culmination of a phase of my life.

Were there any moments you didn't include in this list because you didn't want people to know about them?
oh yes.

Choose 3 people from your friends list and try to guess one of their top 3 moments. They should then complete this survey in their own journal so you can see if you're right.

I'm going to be terrible at this, so I'll try to be as flippant as possible:

slyddur's moment:
Crap, I dunno. Being crowned king of the Wetlands?

moregankira's moment:
being done with ren. faire this year. heh.

museofchaos's moment:
being accused of being a jew by Ralph Macchio.