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Roy Janik

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Opal Divine's [Dec. 12th, 2000|12:19 pm]
Roy Janik

Last night it was REALLY cold. We're talking 32 degrees or somesuch. Nonetheless, Wes and I did not let this deter us. What better day than Monday to hit 6th street in all of its glory? After all, only the highest caliber of people would brave the cold to hit the bars on a Monday, right?

At any rate, we went to Katz's Deli (I gotta tell ya.... it never Kloses). Did I mention that Wes and I both brought along our notebooks, so that we could write in these places? But that's neither here nor there. I had some pecan pancakes and a Mexican Margarita. Again, I'd like to say that I don't like margaritas, but I love margarita salt. Very little happened at Katz's, but I did manage to write a little bit. Also, the guy next to us kept quoting the Princess Bride to impress his date. But he kept mis-quoting! Ack!

Across the street from Katz's is Opal Divine's Pub and Restaurant. It looks like an old, tall house with lots of plants. We went inside, and it was very cozy. There's a bar room, a game room, a cigar room, and a food room. Wes and I settled in the bar room, and went to scope out the jukebox. Within minutes, the bartender (Roseanne) complimented me on my medallion (hail Eris), so I knew that it was a friendly place. While Wes chose the music, I ordered the drinks: an amerreto sour for Wes, and a Harp for myself.

At any rate, I'm going into the gory details for no particular reason. We met Jarred, who had a Tool t-shirt, a number of piercings, some killer tattoos, and a blue beard. He's an independent filmmaker, somewhat like Quentin Tarintino (by his own admission). Also, Jarred works at Opal Divine's. Most of the people who work at the pub are musicians or artists of some sort. He also told us that Opal Divine's was really a Freehouse, and not a Pub, which evidentally means that they sell other people's brewed beer, but that they don't brew their own. Whatever.After talking to us for a long while, Jarred challenged and beat Wes in a narrow game of darts.

Wrote some more, had some rum & cokes, and left.

Very nice place. We'll be back again, but not before we've explored all of Austin.
Why am I wasting your time with minutia? Not sure. But dammit, it's my journal. Tell you what. I'll make the font smaller, just for you.

[User Picture]From: cindylou
2000-12-12 10:22 am (UTC)

font smaller=no

you know you can buy just the margarita salt?

at least i think so...
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[User Picture]From: nekomouser
2000-12-12 12:11 pm (UTC)

You won't believe it! Kat was there!

So turns out that while we were eating at Katz's(r) (which, by the by, never Kloses), our friend Kat was right around the corner in the smoking section by the bar! Man, we could have called James and Sarah and made them come out last night after all! Anywho, I was talking to her earlier and her flight to Peru got cancelled due to, get this, snowstorm in Dallas(tm). Heehee, global warming my ass(c). So she's up for debauchery should any go down this evening. As for last night, don't forget the cool blue-bearded filmmaker told us all about where the Enigma and Katzen the Tiger Lady(cc) work/hang-out too, so now we can go become superfreaks! Turns out, Mr. Lifto lives here too! Most of Jim Rose's Sides show do! Ahhh, networking!
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[User Picture]From: dakus
2000-12-13 01:20 am (UTC)
Opal's is cool...I think I liked it better when it was Boar's Head...at least they had two pool tables.

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