Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Good night, it was.

Went to Express, a men's clothing store in the Arboretum, looking for a sweater for my Ireland excursion. It was a strange experience. I wanted to hate it, but apparently fashion has caught up with me or something. It was full of brightly colored button down shirts, stripey suit pants, and suitcoats. If I weren't blowing money on a vacation and roof repair and tuition, I'd have bought more. As it is I got a sweater and garishly bright red shirt, which I promptly put on for the rest of the night's activities.

Caught the Asylum Street Spankers show at the Cactus Cafe' with Kristin and Miro. As usual, the Spankers line-up had changed somewhat since the last time. But this time around, their selection of music had changed, too. There were lots of new songs. The cover of Closer was particularly inspired, as it involved copious amounts of animal noises. I also thoroughly enjoyed the songs the Nevada Newman sang lead vocals on. The highlight for me, though, was watching Christina play the ukulele during "Wake and Bake" and recognizing the chord shapes. I scribbled the sequence down on a receipt. During the break I picked up a copy of their live recording from the Pops/Stanley/Uncle Josh/Guy Forsyth days.

I skipped out on the encore to hustle downtown. After a bitch of a time parking, I walked briskly 6 blocks to Emo's to catch the Flametrick Subs. They'd already been playing 30 minutes, and apparently played all my favorite songs, but it was still a hell of a show. Kareem was already there, and it wasn't long before we'd wormed our way close to the front of the stage.

And now, if my voice isn't too shredded, I'm gonna try to record myself on my uke for the hell of it.
Tags: asylumstreetspankers, fashion, flametricksubs, music, ukulele
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