Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

the best part of SXSW? Somehow seeing Steve and Phoebe 4 times.

This was closely followed by the Aquabats. When they played Pool Party and the crowd went apeshit, it was almost almost like seeing Pain again. If you squinted. Except this time it was the band that was dressed in blue and wearing eye coverings.

Another highlight: seeing Petty Booka play at Cheapo. Halfway through they mentioned that they toured last year with the Aquabats. Afterwards I talked to them and mentioned that the Aquabats were playing that night. Petty Booka hadn't known that, and they were really happy to find out. So I did something good! Hooray! And that night the Aquabats had them come onstage for the last song and dance. And then the lead singer picked each one up in turn and threw them to the audience.
Tags: aquabats, friends, pettybooka, sxsw
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