Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Cadbury, the Easter Kitten

Last night Eric found a kitten sleeping in the leaves on my patio. He scampered off into my laundry shed, but I managed to coax him out. We brought him inside and dubbed him Cadbury, the Easter Kitten. Of course, Kareem says we should call him Clancy and give away the "Old Clancy." Anyways, we loved him and gave him food and he calmed down. He slept in various laps and purred.

Kristin took him with her last night and agreed to keep him until he found a new home. So I posted in the austincommuntiy community this morn, and I'm happy to report that Cadbury will be going to a good home. So yay!

God bless us, everyone.
Tags: cats, oliver
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